Mechael is a ballet dancer.

I think Jochen loves Annie.

I want to believe.

Marc has been on death row for three years.

In other words, he is lazy.

We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.

She is the happiest in her class.

He had ambition.

I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section.

Jeany changed her hair colour and Jared didn't even notice.

That's exactly what I told Keith.

Let me talk with them.

You've got to go to work.

These are the types of people that need those instructions.

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You're hardworking.

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Naim and Jeffrey sat in front of the TV, eating popcorn.

Steven told everyone that he was adopted.

He's just a liar.

Jacob's blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level.

Why are things different now?


Why do you call me that?


Maximilian was as nervous as Sophie.

Well, you haven't done much so far.

People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it's impossible to count them accurately.


Pratapwant was in no particular hurry.

I can't believe you're graduating.

Lanny giggled.

Are you absolutely sure?

Are you free this afternoon?

The earthquake shook the area.

That was cool.

How long did he live in Ankara?

Max explained to Julie why he could not go to her farewell party.

When she looked, he shut the door and locked her into the totally dark closet.

I suggest you put it out of your mind.

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Man is a social animal by nature.

It would have been nice if you had helped me a little.

I don't get you at all.

He was too young to go to school.

Don't get so carried away.

The aircraft cabin holds two hundred and fifty people.

Griff is in the driver's seat.

A team of paramedics is standing by.

The thought that Joon looked very tired.


He led a hard life after that.

You've got no right to talk to The that way.

They know better.


Thanks to his help, I finished my homework.

They're going to show us the documents.

I'm coming for you, Kamel.

He found her irresistible.

I sure hope Roy does what he said he would do.

I'm so happy that you're here.

The lovers were walking arm in arm.


I do not believe the weather will change for the worse next week.

We asked them to let us stay.

My room has only one window.

Let's just go.

I can't come here every time you call.


The official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

The weather has been nice all week; it is high time we went on a hike.

Why do you look so tired today?

The novel is centered on the Civil War.

Shatter had to wait on Sjaak hand and foot after her ankle reconstruction.

You can't give up trying.

I want you to understand this isn't going to be easy.

Janet says he has hurt his back.

Do you have any idea where Elisabeth might be?


How much will it cost you to go by air?

Trying to juggle two jobs at once is an almost impossible task.

I haven't had any chocolate cake in a month of Sundays.

I'll see if Olivier is awake.

I'd better help Srivatsan out.

He's stronger than me.

Bryan showed Roy how to gut a fish.

Hal can't bring himself to say no.

This is a code lock type that you can use on the entranceway as well.

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What must I do to convince you?

Merat is a very civic-minded person.

Our house is quite satisfactory except that it is rather a long way to the bus stop.

Mat didn't even try.

I can't believe that you mix white and colours together in a washing machine!

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It's difficult for our income to keep up with inflation.

I belong to the swimming club.

Burglars broke into his house.

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Why is Randal acting so stupid?

I'd like to check some of my valuables.

Since it is the oval track, the distance between the planets and the sun differs at times.

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How long have you known me?


Have I ever told you that you're the sweetest thing in the world?

Write it down!

No one pays attention to Randell.

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Is it the Pantheon in Athens or something like that?


Clarence is an avid hiker and likes nothing better than getting out on the bush trails whenever he can.


The journalist wanted to write an article that would draw public attention to the issue.


He tried to comfort her.

This melody is familiar to many Japanese.

It doesn't matter to them.

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We need to have a contract.


Success in school calls for much hard study.

I love your spirit.

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.


They serve every day fresh fish and lobster, which they get weekly by plane from Norway.

Does anybody really think Jack didn't kill Patricio?

It is one thing to promise, and another to perform.


Rabin and Amos enjoyed that movie.

Pat is mowing his lawn.

Whatever happens, don't use this phone.

Shahid put a bunch of letters on Vince's desk.

Dean opened the door and the dog ran out.


There are so many stars in the sky, I can't count them all.


My brother is arriving tomorrow morning.


Which do you suppose she chose?

I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.

My grandmother's death was a big shock.

I didn't sneak up on her.

Were you frightened?

She barely speaks to me anymore.

Didn't you say Pilar died?


The weather's been strange for the last few years.


I ran into Yoko on the way to the theater.

Swamy leaned back in his chair.

Dima slept with 25 men in one night and then killed them.

Mickey is a natural-born teacher.

Huey has indeed found something interesting.


Ignore what he said. It was just a joke.

The sky will clear soon.

The whole class is present once a week.

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Patrick's a bright boy. He catches on very quickly.


You shouldn't have told him such a thing.

It was personal.

I have to move on.


After a brief peace, war broke out again.

Tomorrow is her birthday.

I'll eat almost anything, but I'm very fickle when it comes to cheese.

Then, when you're making CG, how should you use light sources?

We've worked hard for what we have.

I can't do anything for him.

The doctor told Mr. Smith to give up smoking.


Study lends a kind of enchantment to all our surroundings.

The fact that he did not do it cannot be denied.

Show me what you have in your left hand.

Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933.

I am not being careful.

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The city I grew up is very beautiful.

Her questions show that she understands the subject very well.

To my surprise, they ate the meat raw.

I met her again.

"How long will it take?" "About two weeks."


Work hard, and you will pass the examination.

What makes you think that Suzanne is responsible?

By the way, did you find the umbrella you said you'd lost the other day?

Jesus paused for a moment before continuing with the story.

I need to get them to a doctor.


He makes himself agreeable to everybody.


I believe your story.

I was amazed at the audacity of the student to ask the lecturer such a personal question.

Tell her I'm on my way.


This morning I took your car to go for a newspaper, and when I came back to the parking to go home, some flowers were attached to the door-handle.


I've lost all my money.